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Built on the cardinal principle of extending reliable solutions to clients across the globe, Fretus Partners is a leading new-age Shipbroking company, founded by two fervent industry experts who together bring more than 35 years of experience in the maritime industry. As the world is evolving at a lightning speed, it is vital to adapt to the changing environment and consider contemporary solutions in the shipping sector. At Fretus Partners, we offer exclusive modern-day shipbroking services to diversified clients spread across Asia, Europe, Middle East, with a key focus on the Indian subcontinent.

In our constant endeavour to build fruitful and lasting relationships, we consider people as our partners from the very beginning of our association, whether they are our employees or clients because we believe “as partners, we sail along stronger, faster and safer.” Our shipbroking portfolio consists of Dry Cargo Broking with future plans for Gas Chartering, Tanker Chartering while also including expert maritime and shipping consultancy services. Our vision is to provide holistic and practical solutions to our clients which are not limited to the freighting side of the business but also finding the right ship for the right business to help our customers manage risk and maximize rewards in shipping and trading. 


Right from the onset of our discussions to the final voyage, our specialized team of personnel ensures a smooth sailing experience. We strive to provide the best shipbroking services to all our clients, whether it is a small trader, individual, or large & long-established corporations. We are committed to providing customized solutions along with timely and reliable market insights to our customers throughout and even beyond our association. 


Vikas Khanna

A marketing connoisseur, Mr Vikas Khanna is a NAME that needs no introduction in the shipping sector. Known for his unparalleled expertise in developing strong relationships with clients across geographies, Mr Khanna has worked with some of the leading Shipbroking companies for over 15 years. Along with his rich experience, He brings unique expertise of People Management, Consultancy and Information on the Maritime Industry.

Saurabh Rathore

With a firm foothold in the shipping industry that goes over two decades, Mr Saurabh Rathore is a seasoned shipping professional. His incredible experience in the maritime industry comes as a boon to Fretus Partners. Mr Rathore owns shipboard sailing experience as a Deck officer, he has also worked in vessel operations for a shipping arm of a commodity giant, followed by a noteworthy career in a top shipbroking company. A prodigious advisor, one can rely on him for any shipping information – right from handling operations and broking to general administration HR, IT to name a few.

If there is one word for Mr. Rohit Roy, it is DOER. A management graduate in International Business, Mr. Roy has witnessed a remarkable and fast-growing curve in his career that spans over 8 years. From get-going his journey as a trainee with a top ship broking company in operations, he rerouted his path to Fretus Partners in order to fill the gap that exists in the ship broking sector today.  He is known for his commitment to providing customized solutions to clients and ensuring the maximum output from each association.

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